I’ve been Technician licensed for amateur radio since 1996. Call sign: KB0RVB and have focused on local emergency communications.

October 8, 2010 I moved to a house I bought in the Erwin Lake area at the east end of the Big Bear Valley. Reception on my handheld at my desk is vastly improved over being in the Mountain Meadows apartments.

September 25, 2010 I finally made it to a local ham radio club monthly meeting by walking .7 miles to the Big Bear Lake Fire Station. I enjoyed a very interesting talk about frequency calibrating by a guy who worked on the Apollo program in Downey California in the same same years I did. He explained in easy to grasp terms the vast improvement in measurement technology via chips. And demonstrated a 60’s tester for setting frequencies versus today’s inexpensive hand held devices. I met hams who live in the Erwin Lake area to where I’ll be moving. It was a rewarding, cheerful evening.

Annual picnic photo. Front center is a gasoline engined powered ice cream maker (blue bucket). I’m back row, extreme left, second “head” in, no hat, geen shirt, sort of behind a guy. Art Langer guy to the right of the dog, in white tee shirt is local Fire Captain and “chief guru ” of the emergency ham nets.
Fire spotting, alerts and response is the main focus in Big Bear.


1 Response to AMATEUR RADIO

  1. Mark Pennington says:

    Hey Joe!! Hope this finds you well. Its Mark Pennington KB0RVC, its been awhile since we talked. My email is and my address is now P.O. Box 7464 Branson Missouri 65615-7464. I’m the Security Supervisor for one of the resorts here in Branson..C-YA my friend hope to here from ya. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year early

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